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Edwin Orion Brownell is currently finishing his book "Operation Hannibal" and is beginning work on his second historical work, "Panzers in Retreat." The editor of Nechama Surik's 2009 story "The Will to Live," he is also the author of the 1996 essay: "Image and Reality: The Media's View of the Sino-American Relationship 1928-1945," and the 2000 essay: "Notes in Time - An Oral History of the Montreal R&B Scene from 1969-1999."

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Operation Hannibal


Operation Hannibal” is the true story of the greatest sea evacuation in history. Beginning as a survivor’s account of tragedy and redemption, it is set in the midst of the cataclysmic collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945. While following her escape route, the author examines the war on the Eastern Front from the fighting in Latvia to the destruction of Prussia and the last battles of the German Navy.


Personal accounts of the fighting men on both sides of the conflict are interwoven into the narrative. The work culminates in the story of the mammoth evacuation, the destruction of the Kriegsmarine and the triumphs and tragedies of the German people and their Soviet adversaries in the last four months of the Second World War. Due for publication in mid-2015, this will be the first English account to focus on the great operation.


Panzers in Retreat

"Panzers in Retreat" is a in-depth look of the war-end armoured fighting vehicles of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and of the men and women who fought and died in them. The author evaluates the strenghts and weaknesses of the weapons, training and tactics of both sides, with special concentration on factors not usually examined in the earlier works on tanks and their crews.


The early shared history of the Soviet tank arm and the Panzerwaffe is laid out, and the personal stories of some of the lesser known aces on both sides are also told. The central focus of the work is on the late war armoured battles, when small groups of German tankers would try to halt the onslaught of the Red Army's vast tank park using little more than their individual skills and their powerful AFVs. This will be the authors second publication, and it is due out sometime in late 2016.

The Will To Live

"The Will To Live" is Nechama Surik's first book, edited by Edwin Orion Brownell. Chronicling her family's experience with her father's near-fatal car crash in 2000, it was originally written as a journal in Hebrew. Translated into English by the author and her daughters, the book was also revised, expanded, and brought up to date.


In this warm, inspiring work Surik shares her observations on human character in crisis and looks at the ethical dilemmas and communication crises she faced throughout this time. She also examines the Israeli health system, especially regarding technological advances in care and aspects of patient-doctor rapport. Above all, Surik speaks movingly of her own amazement at her father's "will to live" despite his life-threatening injuries. The English text version was published by Authorhouse in 2009.


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